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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cut off Denim, Distressed Shorts, DIY

 I love the relaxed  look of cutoff shorts but for me Short, shorts are out of the question.
 I have never been able to wear them comfortably.
 I do, however, love boyfriend jeans cut into Bermuda shorts. 
These longer shorts just fit me and my style better. 
I can dress them up with stilettos or down with sandals.  
I can make them as dressy or as casual as I want depending on the shoes, 
shirts and accessories I pick out.
Why not go grab a pair of old jeans and make some for yourself.
I am going to make a new white pair.

1.All you need is and old pair of bigger jeans
2. Pair of scissors
 Fold  your jeans
 measure you jeans with a pair of shorts that fit you just they way you like,
If you don't have a pair then I would mark  them just at the knee.
 Cut them as straight as you can,  but really who cares how straight they are.
 Now comes a little distressing.
 Cut perpendicular lines in your jeans about an inch to two inches long.
I  would stick with  small ones at first.
 Take a sharp object and de-thread your cut carefully. *you are just loosening the threads.

 Pull threads on the bottom and you will be finished. 
With each wash your jeans will look more worn.

Now wear your new shorts with your favorite tee shirt or your favorite pair of  shoes
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Lots of <3,


  1. so cute! love both pairs!


  2. Anne,
    I literally love EVERY, SINGLE thing you make!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Awesome!! Love the white pair! Who knew that cutoffs could look so dressy? I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  4. Thanks Anne for yor amazing projects.
    I love your blog and your creativity.
    Grazie grazie grazie
    Lara from italy

    1. Thank you so much Cicci, Much love to you from Me.


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