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Friday, June 28, 2013

Chevron Tie-Dye Halter, DIY

I Love Chevron and I Love No sew, so why not combine them together to make a fun summer shirt. Tulip Has this amazing, Easy one step tie dye kit that takes all the guessing out of Tie dyeing.
Why not spend a summer day creating with your children.
Yes, even they can do this!

Things you need.
  1. T- shirt  *I used a small mens but use a size that would fit you.
  2. Scissors
  3. Tulip tie Dye Kit * used the Moody Blues Kit. 
  4. Plastic trash bag
Lay out your trash bag on the table

Wet your shirt and place it on the trash bag.

 Fold it in half
 Fold it in half
run your hand on the fold to crease the shirt in the middle.
Now fold one side of the shirt to the middle fold and crease the same way.
 Do the other side as well.
What you want is three evenly spaced straight lines 
mark lightly with a pencil.
Fill up your Tie-dye bottles.
Now you are going to make a zig zag pattern using your lines as your point marks.
I used the color teal first.
Then added the green, then the dark blue as an accent.
Let sit for 6-8 hours then wash as directed.
Hang dry.

Now if you want to to make the halter top.
 I have written instructions
Or you can watch my Video for it

Have a wonderful Weekend
Lots of <3,


  1. This is super awesome! I'm definitely going to try this!

  2. so great

  3. I love your creations, as does my daughter! For making this for children, is it the same idea? I tried to make this for my daughter and it didn't turn out like it did for myself :/

    1. it should be the same idea but keeping in mind the size is so much smaller. I have never made one for a child, i will have to do some research.

  4. I can save many clothes according to this diy tutorial. Thanks.

    1. yes mam, you can recycle and give them new life. Thank you again.xxoo


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