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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hourglass Cut Tee. DIY

Taking a small break from hearts.

I know all the rage has been to cut up tee shirts.
 Heaven knows I have done several projects with that very same idea. 
I saw a  tee cut up in the front like this one below and had to make it.


Things you need.

  1. Long sleeve Tee *Target 2 for $14 sale.
  2. Chalk
  3. Scissors

 Fold your shirt in half 
line up the front seams
Draw a line from where you want to start to where you want to end, making a smile like line.
Then draw straight lines, 1/2 inch apart.. all the way down. 

Cut on your lines.

 Put any color tank top under it to make a different look.
 This is a super easy and quick way to make a new shirt out of an old one.

Enjoy your Monday!
Lots of <3.

Here are a  couple of other cut up shirts that I did.


  1. Love the shape of the cutout and the layered look for winter. Posted the finished photo and a link back to you on truebluemeandyou.

  2. Love this. New weekend project for sure!

  3. I love your projects! I definitely have to try one of them!

  4. love ur diys .. ur so talented.. following u. care to chk my blog lets-doll-up.blogspot.com & feel free to follow if u like mine too

  5. How do you do the last picture of the cut up tees? I would love if you got back to me on that because I am going to do all of these projects in the near future!!

    1. Under each photo there is the word HERE click on the word HERE and it will take you to the instructions.

  6. This is wonderful. I did it myself, except I skipped some directions so I ended up with cuts on the back and front. But I just made the cuts longer then before and it look quite cool.

  7. If I have a long sleeve shirt that is snug around the middle with this make it fit a little bigger? I don't want to buy one if I can use one I already have. :-)

  8. These are so cute... Something my daughter and I can do together :-)

  9. These are so cute... Something my daughter and I can do together :-)


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