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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Heart Neacklace. DIY


 Things you need.

  1. Pliers
  2. 20 Gauge Wire * Wal-mart
  3. Clasp
  4. 4 jump rings: *3 medium, 1 large one
  5. Chain 14 inches.

 Cut three pieces of wire about 4 inches.

     Shape them into hearts.

 connect them together

At the bottom of the heart,
 wrap one of the wires around the other three times.

 do that to all three hearts.

Cut your 14 inch wire in half.

Attach one of the medium jump rings to one of the chains then attach that to one of the hearts.
Repeat that on the other side.

Attach the third medium jump ring and the clasp to the other end of the chain.
Then attach the large jump ring to the other chain.

Trim off the excess wire from the bottom of the hearts.

 Hello Hearts.
Make a heart for someone you love.

Happy Tuesday.
Lots of <3,


  1. I love this necklace, especially paired with your gorgeous shoulder tied top. My readers love your DIY wire jewelry and I've posted two finished photos and a link back to you on trueblue. Thanks for posting such a cute and clear tutorial :)

  2. muy lindo, yo lo hice como el tutorial de anillos, o sea, le di la vuelta en medio


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