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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween, Glitter Pumpkin Tee: DIY

 OK, Ok  This Halloween didn't sneak up on me like it did last year, even still, I still did not accomplish  all of the Halloween crafts that I wanted to do. But hey, I am not going to beat myself up over it  and instead I am going to celebrate the one project That I did complete, this super Easy Pumpkin Glitter Tee.
 Need a quick shirt for Wednesday or your little  pumpkin  to wear for that school Halloween party? This project is just for you.

Things you need

  •  Place the shirt on a flat surface
  • Place the wax paper in between  the shirt.
  • Mark the middle of the shirt with a line.
  • Draw the face how you want it.

  • I placed a little water in a cup to use so to thin out the glue just  a little.

  •  Brush the glue on the marked shirt. Eyes, Nose, Mouth

  • The thinner glue makes it easy to make crisp lines.

  •  Sprinkle the glitter over the glue.
  • Let dry
  • Repeat the glue glitter step two more time but on the second and third time do not dilute the glue
  • Let dry 48 hour before washing 
  • You can also  place a thin layer of glue over the glitter to seal the glitter.

Have a Fantastic and Safe Halloween! 
OOO He's so cute, I can not wait to wear him.

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