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Monday, July 16, 2018

Criss Crossed, Ladder Back Tee DIY.

To be completely honest I have about 5 tee's I  have done That I  have not written one tutorial.     I am terrible at multitasking lately. I sit down to write them and I get all antsy and I end up  getting up doing something else. I have no clue what is wrong with me, anyone else feeling discombobulated lately.?   As  I type this I feel like I don't want really want to sit here,  I do have two loads of laundry going and my dish washer is cleaning my dishes.....   so I am doing something kind of.     If I could just finish this one post  it might  propel the others in getting finished. What  I really want to do is to  go work out because all of this is  stressing me out.   Annnyyy wayyyy.   I hope you guys enjoy this Tee it was really fun to create. Bare with me while I defrag. 

Things you need
  • Tee Shirt
  • Scissors
  • Chalk

  • Draw with chalk:   Front.
  • Back

  • Cut where the chalk lines are.

  • Fold the shirt in half , 
  • Draw a line making a slight half circle.

  • Cut on the chalk line.

  • Take the shirt and fold the back of the shirt  in half
  • Draw 9 lines slightly downward.

  • Cut on the lines

  • Stretch out the cuts

  • Take the top two strips and fold them over the collar.

  • Pull down and twist one time (the twist is optional)

  • Take the next two strips weave them though the first two and pull down, twist once.

  • The next two strips weave though and pull down and twist once.

  • There will be two left. take the next strip,  pull it through.
  •  Twist

  • Cut the last strips in the middle

  • Tie each side together

  • Trim the excess

  • Cut a small triangle in the front of the shirt

Omg! I finished 
Now I am going to work out !
Love you guys. 
Thanks for always being so supportive and loving.

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