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Friday, April 17, 2015

Easy Leather Bracelet: DIY

 Need some bracelets?
Make these leather ones in no time flat. 
It only took me about 10 minutes.

 Things you need

 Leather *At least 9 inches long *Michaels
Leather Hole punch * Michaels
X-acto knife
 Here I used a red leather suede but a stiffer leather works great. 
They have remnant packages of leather at Micheals and Hobby Lobby for about $7.00.
Use your ruler and make a long skinny triangle.
1/2 inch wide and at least 9 inches long.
Cut with your x-acto knife.
 Punch two holes at the wider end of your leather,
 about an inch apart.
And that is it !
Weave your smaller end through the two holes and it stays perfectly.
Make them in all colors and stack them.
Have a Fantastic Friday.
Lots of <3,


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