Friday, April 17, 2020

Side Tied, Cropped Tee

 Hey all,  How are you doing?  The week went by way too fast for me. I am always thinking of all the things I would like to get done during this down time at home and  my  list keeps growing.   I keep finding things that need attending to, things I have put off for years because of my work schedule. I am actually loving the change of pace. The change of focus has been good for me too. My soul really needed attending too.

Yesterday I fixed a leak in our kitchen sink, I bought a new lighter rug for the living room and baked a loaf of homemade bread. I feel  pretty  accomplished.  I have so much  more I want to do like paint two rooms and re-screen the front porch clean out and re plant all of the plants around our home and the list goes on and on .

Sometime I feel we get so caught up in making money to pay all the bills  that life becomes mundane and and habitual. Then it starts to feel like there is no way out, because how in the world would you just stop working in a secure job.   Why would you make  the change to something that you love that  is not secure and  might not bring in the money needed.?

 Are any of you feeling like you need to rethink your future? Well if you are join the club. The funny part is when I think about making a change my heart feels so light and happy. Then when I  think about going back to my old world I become anxious, unhappy and fearful. It should be a no brainer right?   The answer is right there. I hope if any of you are deciding to switch up your career  that you soar like a bird.

  This Pink Tee was the top part of my face mask project I did about a week ago.
Not only does this cropped tied tee only take you about 5 minutes to make,
 it would look really cute paired up with some high waisted jeans, shorts, or  a cute high waisted skirt.

  Video HERE
 No sew Face mask project. HERE

Things you need 

  • Tee shirt
  • Scissors

  •  Cut off the collar

  • Cut off 6 inches from the bottom. 

  • Cut a slit on the sides of the shirt 7 1/12 inches. 
  • Cut the seam out

  •  Tie the two sides

 That is it!
  Now enjoy your new tee.


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  2. Love this one! You are so talented!

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