Sunday, February 14, 2016

Heart Tee Shirt RE-Post!

I had to re -post one of my most favorite DIY's.
  This heart Tee Makes me Smile every time I see it.
One of my very first Tee Shirt DIY's
Love to you All on this day to Celebrate LOVE and Life!
I hope I am finding all of you well this week.  
In honor of Heart Day,
I wanted to do a Heart, off the shoulder Tee-shirt. 
Now, I am going to be honest with you,
this was not a super easy 5 minute shirt, but it was not the hardest either. 
If you have a  sewing machine and an hour, you could most definitely make this.

Things you Need
  1. Tee-Shirt~ I used a large, Grey, Hanes Tee-Shirt~
  2. Scrap piece of T-Shirt in a contrasting color, or just a scrap piece of material to cover the heart you make.
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Scissors
  5. Straight Pins

 First cut your collar off to make your shirt an off the shoulder shirt,
~ I cut right around the edge of the collar.~
If you want to keep the collar, then leave it alone.

 draw a heart on your shirt with chalk
You could trace one on paper or print a heart off the internet
if you don't want to draw it free hand.

 Inside your heart, draw lines 3/4 of an inch apart.

  carefully cut the lines inside the heart.

 Turn your shirt inside out and place your scrap piece of material over the heart and pin it.

 Turn it back right side out and sew around the edge of the heart.

  Now sew each one of the grey stripes down the middle,
this will anchor the heart so it keeps its shape.
turn your shirt inside out again and trim the excess material around the heart.
and trim any leftover thread.
Now you are all finished.

Lots of <3,


  1. Thank you for the great inspiration! I love to upcycle clothes, t-shirt inserts are easy impact.


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