Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shoulder Tied Tee- Shirt, DIY

 Make this easy T-Shirt with a pair of Scissors.

Things You Need.

Here is a 
 Cut off the collar.
Fold the shirt in half. 
Mark the shoulder of the shirt with chalk.
 Cut the shirt.
 Tie each of the of the points together.
 With that you are done.
This shirt is totally adjustable and works with all size t- shirts.

Her is a video for all of you Visual people Like me.

Have a Beautiful Night!
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  1. Happy Sunday,
    I love the edgy look of this tee, but I wonder how hard was it to get the tied "points" to look so neat? Any tricks to this?
    Dee Dee

    1. Thank you so much Jane.
      No not at all, I just tied them into a knot there is my video you can watch if that would help.
      Have a beautiful day.

  2. Hello WobiSobi, loved the fact that I do not have to sew even though I do own a sewing machine. I have a few questions:
    What type of Tshirt? Hanes?
    What size?
    Love your blog!!

    1. Good Morning Shirilyn:)
      I buy Hanes, Comfort blend for my projects.
      The t-shirt size was a men's Medium.
      Thank you so much.XXOO Have a beautiful day!

  3. me gusta mucho la forma de modernizar es seguro que lo hare pronto

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. If I wear a womens lg tshirt do I want a mens medium? It seems I'd want a looser tshirt, right?

    1. I wear a small and this is a medium men's. I would go up one more size. Hold the medium up . Just to see how the shoulders lay and how long it is.

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  7. Awesome diy! Yours always come up in Pinterest!

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  10. About how tall is each triangle you cut out?


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